Fractory has access to multiple processes out of which few consist of flexible materials. Following are the processes that support rubber like and flexible materials:

  1. FDM 3D Printing uses upto 12 different materials out of which few are flexible. These flexible variants have all the properties of a standard FDM processes and are available only in two colours: White and Blue
  2. Polyjet is an industrial 3D Printing process where liquid resins are sprayed in a layer by layer fashion and made into 3D soild. In this process we can tweak the shore hardness i.e., the flexibility of the output from very soft to very hard.
  3. Urethane casting/Vacuum casting is similar to injection moulding where in a mould is made an required material with the right properties in poured into the moulds. One can tweak the shore hardness in this process and make very flexible parts and also hard and strong parts. Colours are added as a post process hence the colour and finish is heavily customisable.
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