Our algorithms are based on machine learning and geometrical analysis. This requires more and more data to get better with time. That means with every quotation that you receive which is assisted by us manually our platform learns and grows old a little bit.
That way, together, we are building the future of digital manufacturing one quotation at a time :D

Currently following items are being automatically quoted:

  1. FDM orders of build volumes under 250mmx250mmx250mm
  2. SLS orders of all sizes.

We are currently implementing automatic quote generation feature across CNC and SLA orders. We are working towards releasing a new automatic pricing feature every fortnight. So in less than a few months we should have achieved our goal.

However there are always extreme design files which might require additional validation from one of us, in such cases the quotes would not show up instantly but would wait for us to come back in a jiffy and approve the same.

So in case your file happens to not quote instantly, we are very sorry and we promise to get back to you in few minutes. For anything else we are always available in the Chat window.

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